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    It's so exciting! We're now on Patreon, a platform where you can support Waldorfy! Watch the video or read below to learn about what Patreon is and how you can support the Waldorfy podcast! Ready to go directly to the Patreon page to become a supporter? Click Here Ok so you want to know more about Waldorfy on Patreon? Since the very first episode launched, many people have reached out to tell me that they’ve loved getting a deeper understanding of Waldorf education and its connection with anthroposophy through the Waldorfy podcast. This brings me so much joy, and I wanted to share with you how you can really help…

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    Waldorf in the Home ~TRAILER FOR SEASON 2~

    In this trailer for the second season of Waldorfy, you'll get to hear from a special guest, my husband Tobin! Tobin is a Waldorf alum, he attended a Waldorf school from kindergarten up through grade 12. In this trailer episode he speaks a little about his Waldorf experience and how it has shaped who he is. Also announced in this trailer is our theme for season 2 which is: WALDORF IN THE HOME! We give a little sneak peak into some of the topics and guests of this upcoming season as well as discuss upcoming things going on for Waldorfy. The first episode of season 2, episode 201, will be…

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    Are Waldorf Schools Religious?

    I have to tell you, I put more effort into this episode than any other this season. I really wanted to do this topic justice. As I mention in the episode, when I googled “Are Waldorf Schools Religious?”, way back when I was just starting Waldorfy, I found a lot of really confusing conflicting resources, articles, and blog posts. Based on my personal experience attending a Waldorf school, as well as my husband’s experience (he’s also a Waldorf alum) I knew that this wasn’t as hard a topic to tackle as some of those really challenging to understand resources made it seem. I could not have asked a more perfect…

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