Welcome to Waldorfy!

Waldorfy is the brainchild of Waldorf School alumna and mom, Ashley Renwick. Born out of the idea that Waldorf methods should be accessible to all, Ashley's vision is to bring an interesting, objective, and transparent perspective to Waldorf Education and its anthroposophical roots.

After becoming a parent, Ashley felt drawn to reconnect with the magic of her own childhood and her “waldorfy” roots. However, it was discouraging that there wasn’t any easy to understand information about Waldorf Education. Almost all the information was provided by Waldorf schools themselves and associations that support them. Although this information is available, many people are looking for more objective and accessible resources. It was this need that inspired Waldorfy’s creation.

Waldorfy’s primary aim is to serve as a resource for interested parents. Ashley’s hope is that parents can become better informed and be inspired to discover ways to connect more authentically with their children. Waldorfy also aims to be a space where alumni can reconnect and become more informed about the philosophies that were the basis of their educational experience.

However you found your way here, welcome.

Waldorfy Podcast

In each episode we explore Waldorf education and anthroposophy. In this medium we'll being sharing expert interviews and be able to dive deeper into all things Waldorf.

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Waldorfy Community

Interested in connecting with other parents, sharing ideas, and learning more about raising your whole child? Join our inclusive Waldorfy community.

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Waldorfy Blog

The adventure of implementing Waldorf ideas in our day to day. The blog is where Ashley covers the widest variety of topics. Haven't seen something discussed in Waldorfy's content? Contact Ashley at [email protected]!

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