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Bringing Stories and Songs to Young Children

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For the very first time I'm hosting TWO GUESTS AT THE SAME TIME! Returning guests, Ashley J May, and Meagan Rose Wilson join me for a conversation focused on being critically conscious in bringing stories and songs to young children.

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Here is where you can check out the project achieve for "Thirty Sunsets and a Moon", Ashley's zine, a collaboration with Jessica Lewis Stevens of Sugar House Workshop.

Here is a link to Ashley's Instagram.

Here is a link to Meagan's Instagram.

Below are resource recommendations from Ashley May:

Early Childhood Favorites (Story + Song)
Early Childhood Audio and/or Book w/ CD
The above search can even be filtered by country.
Here is a link to a MUST READ essay by Meagan Wilson on "Modeling and Striving for Critical Consciousness Within the Waldorf Early Childhood Classroom". It has SO much in it, including the sample "Inclusive Festival Letter of Invitation" Ashley mentions toward the end of the episode. Special thanks to Honeybees to making this essay available.
Meagan Wilson's website can be found here and has some wonderful resources.

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