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    Bringing Stories and Songs to Young Children

    Subscribe to the Waldorfy PodcastApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify For the very first time I'm hosting TWO GUESTS AT THE SAME TIME! Returning guests, Ashley J May, and Meagan Rose Wilson join me for a conversation focused on being critically conscious in bringing stories and songs to young children. Follow Waldorfy on Socail Media XFacebookInstagram Resources: Here is where you can check out the project achieve for "Thirty Sunsets and a Moon", Ashley's zine, a collaboration with Jessica Lewis Stevens of Sugar House Workshop. Here is a link to Ashley's Instagram. Here is a link to Meagan's Instagram. Below are resource recommendations from Ashley May: Early Childhood Favorites (Story + Song) Step It…

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    Inclusion and Belonging in Waldorf Education with Ashley May

    I could not be more excited to host the incredible Ashley May as my guest for the finale episode of season four. It has been a really eye opening season of episodes for many, each episode featured an individual with their own unique experience as a Black individual within a Waldorf community. In this episode however Ashley and I discuss the topic of this season, "Inclusion and Belonging", in a more broad way, utilizing her expertise as a WECAN member familiar with Waldorf, an educational researcher and ethnographer. We discuss what Ashley appreciates about the Waldorf approach, how it serves children, and also where it needs to improve to become…

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    Sabine’s Waldorf Experience

    I should say that I have been looking forward to collaborating with Sabine for a very long time. I first emailed her way back in February and I am SO glad that we got to chat and record together. In this episode, Sabine speaks with me about her experience discovering  Waldorf education, becoming a Waldorf teacher, and all about how she started All of us Crayons. Follow Waldorfy on Social Media XFacebookInstagram More about Sabine... Sabine Josephs, founder of All of Us Crayons and Waldorf mama to her young daughter Olivia.  Sabine and her husband discovered Waldorf Education through the works and studies of @paul.chek.  Paul spoke about biodynamic farming and…

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    Kenya’s Waldorf Experience

     In this episode I’m speaking with Kenya Strong all about her experience with Waldorf education including her many years as a Waldorf teacher.  I’m so grateful to Kenya for agreeing to share her story and experience with me in this episode.  As is the case with the other episodes in this series, it may feel uncomfortable and even triggering to hear the experiences of those who’ve been marginalized. I think the best way to listen in to Kenya’s story is with an open mind and an open heart. Kenya will be sharing her experience and the way she feels Waldorf communities can move towards being more inclusive. If you’re struggling…

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    Joanis’s Waldorf Experience

    Joanis is a 19 year old living in New York City and is currently a student at SUNY New Platz majoring in Black studies. In this episode Joanis and I get into what she enjoyed about her Waldorf experience and the kinds of challenges she experienced. Similar to the last episode, there are moments of my conversation with Joanis that may be hard to process for some. As I have mentioned in the pervious episode, you may feel uncomfortable or triggered by hearing some of these experiences. You may feel you need to justify or you may feel defensive. Feelings like this can be normal when we’re exposed to the…

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    Inclusion and Belonging: The Trailer for Season Four

    Subscribe to the Waldorfy podcastApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify I am so excited to be sharing this trailer with you and to begin this season of episodes. About seven months ago, I began planning an episode about inclusion and belonging in Waldorf education. I have been asked many times since the Waldorfy podcast launched to cover the topic of Waldorf, inclusion, and equity. I also had this feeling right from the start that it was something I wanted to dive deeper into. As you may have heard me mention many times through Waldorfy podcast episodes, I had a very positive experience attending a Waldorf school as a child. I had great teachers,…