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    Waldorf in the Muslim Home

    When I thought about creating this season of episodes it dawned on me, how bringing Waldorf into the home will really be different in every household. Yes, there are things like some Waldorf kids watch a little more TV than others, but that was not the kind of different I was thinking of.  I wanted to explore how Waldorf ideas and methods were incorporated into family traditions that aren’t included in a traditional Waldorf school year. How can traditions from all around the world be brought into the Waldorf fold?  This is exactly what I discuss in this episode with guest Ashley May. Ashley eloquently described what drew her to…

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    Seasonal Rhythm and Waldorf Festivals

    The topic of seasonal rhythm and Waldorf festivals is one I was so excited to explore on the podcast. Since rediscovering all things “Waldorfy” as an adult and parent, I’ve loved cooking and crafting for celebrations we’ve enjoyed as a family and community. However, there have been some “holidays” that haven’t had much meaning for me. Ones I’ve struggled to create purpose in celebrating. This fall Halloween was that day for me. I just couldn’t find any meaning in it outside of the candy and store bought plastic decorations. (Also I’ll ad that the pumpkins didn’t work out on the farm this year which didn’t help.) We ended up doing…

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