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Healthy Eating and Sleeping

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Exploring how healthy eating and sleeping relate to the Waldorf approach...

In this episode I'm speaking to my own experience growing up attending a Waldorf school and how it came across that healthy eating and sleeping were related to the Waldorf philosophy. I'm also hosting returning guest, anthroposophical doctor, Dr. Adam Blanning, to speak with me about the relationship between Waldorf and healthy eating and sleeping. In addition, towards the end of this episode, I wrap up this final episode of the seventh season and speak about what's next for Waldorfy.

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To learn more about guest, Dr. Adam Blanning and all he offers, click here.

In this episode I speak about biodynamic farming. I've featured two episodes on biodynamic farming back in season three, "Biodynamic Farming", and "Wisdom of a Biodynamic Farmer".

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