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Wisdom of a Biodynamic Farmer

This episode is unique and is quite a bit different than episodes I’ve done in the past. In the last episode , which was episode 302, titled, “Biodynamic Farming”, I spoke with Alice Groh in depth about biodynamic farming, what it is and especially what distinguishes it from conventional and organic farming. In this episode my discussion with Lincoln centers on his experience as a biodynamic farmer. We talk about how he got into biodynamic farming, and his experience growing biodynamic crops and his journey working with animals as a dairy farmer. If you are not familiar with who Lincoln is, which many of you are not of course outside of our little community in New Hampshire, he really is quite a legendary character. He is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever encountered, and I really can’t emphasize what an honor it is to have him on the show. 

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If you enjoyed this episdoe I strongly recommend you check out last week's episdoe with Alice Groh. It's titled "Biodynamic Farming".

I love this article that was written about Lincoln by a local publication in May of 2019.   This is the website for the Biodynamic Agriculture Association in America.  Always a good place to start and full of links to groups, information about classes, conferences, blogs, podcasts etc.

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