What is Waldorf Education?

A general summary

Waldorf education is rooted in the idea of nurturing the growing child's human development as part of their schooling. Founded by artist, scientist, and philosopher, Rudolf Stiener, this pedagogy has been established for over 100 years. The Waldorf approach integrates the child's experience into their learning though movement, music, art, and literature among other modalities.

The Waldorf approach to education is an adaptable one. It's application varies depending on the language, culture, and geographical surrounding. It is about guiding the child to discover themselves in the world around them and inspiring them to enjoy the process of discovery though connection with themselves and others. One of its emphasis is developing a life long love of learning.

Throughout the process of the Waldorf approach lies the intention to develop the WHOLE child as a human being as well as the student. This is achieved in meeting the needs of the child at each phase of development. Through being an active participant in their learning, the child discovers the wonder of the world and though that a deeper connection within themselves. It's through this sense of self that a child can confidently approach something new, adapt to challenges, and creatively collaborate with others the way their adult life will demand.

Below is a nice introduction to Waldorf Education we quite enjoy.