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The valuable perspective of alumni.

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    Eighth Grade and the Eighth Grader

    I had an amazing time interviewing Simone for this episode. She was really the perfect guest for this final episode of the fifth season. In many of the episodes of season five we've been touching on expanding on Waldorf, but Simone really goes into depth on this. She speaks not just about grade eight, but how she's expanded on the "traditional" Waldorf curriculum in other grades as well. I loved all the episodes of this fifth season, but I have to say my conversation with Simone for this episode is my favorite. Content warning, we do speak briefly about sexual education in this episode, it may not be suitable for…

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    Joanis’s Waldorf Experience

    Joanis is a 19 year old living in New York City and is currently a student at SUNY New Platz majoring in Black studies. In this episode Joanis and I get into what she enjoyed about her Waldorf experience and the kinds of challenges she experienced. Similar to the last episode, there are moments of my conversation with Joanis that may be hard to process for some. As I have mentioned in the pervious episode, you may feel uncomfortable or triggered by hearing some of these experiences. You may feel you need to justify or you may feel defensive. Feelings like this can be normal when we’re exposed to the…

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    Emely’s Waldorf Experience

    Emely, a Black Waldorf alumna, speaks with me in this episode all about her experience attending a Waldorf school. Emely, currently a student at George Washington University, is articulate in speaking about what she liked about her years attending a Waldorf school, and in sharing the struggles she faced. I can not thank Emely enough for speaking with me in this interview. As she will share in this episode, some of Emely’s experiences as a Black Waldorf student are intense and even traumatic. As I said in the pervious episode, I’m not looking to point fingers or call out individuals and communities. “Inclusion and Belonging for the Black community in…

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    Waldorf Alumni Mothers

    Check Out Our Incredible Waldorfy Supporter! Palumba believes that imaginative, open-ended play with simple toys, crafted from beautiful, natural material offers children warmth and a sense of well-being when discovering their world. It was an absolute honor to speak with the mothers featured in this episode. It came to me while exploring this season's topic of Waldorf in the home, that there may be some interest in how we do things in our home, as Waldorf alumni now mothers. In each segment of this episode I speak with each featured guest individually. We discuss what their Waldorf experience was like, how the transition was from Waldorf to…

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    A Waldorf Alumni Perspective

    One of the the things I’ve been most looking forward to diving into within Waldorf education is the global movement. How in one hundred years, has Waldorf Education spread to one thousand schools in sixty countries? How can teachers, communities, and parents, create the same kind of consistent, naturing, environment that a Waldorf school needs to provide? I really thought about how to approach this post. In the end I decided to take a slightly different route than I have before. This week, I’m so fortunate to have some other “Waldorfy” alumni on board for a more diverse perspective.   Here’s what they have to say.   Which Waldorf school…

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