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Waldorf Alumni Mothers

It was an absolute honor to speak with the mothers featured in this episode. It came to me while exploring this season's topic of Waldorf in the home, that there may be some interest in how we do things in our home, as Waldorf alumni now mothers. In each segment of this episode I speak with each featured guest individually. We discuss what their Waldorf experience was like, how the transition was from Waldorf to public and higher education, in addition to exploring how their experience has impacted their life and mothering.

I will say that the wonderful women featured in this episode were a delight to feature on the show. Although they live all over, they aren't the most diverse group of Waldorf alumni. I apologize for not doing a better job of getting a more diverse representation of guests for this episode. I did reach out to more potential guests of different backgrounds, but with no luck. I just wanted to share that that was on my radar and that I'll work to do better in the future.

These guests also all had positive experiences as Waldorf students. I have to imagine that this isn't the case for all Waldorf alumni, and I just wanted to point that out. Through the podcast I feel I've often elevated Waldorf education, because I am bias and I did have a very positive experience as a Waldorf student. I love how Katie, the fourth guest I speak with in this episode does a great job of bringing up how Waldorf education isn't perfect and like all systems it has it's flaws too. She said to me after recording, "It's not that Waldorf provides this perfect life or even perfect education, but it is a really great way to approach it. There will still be the struggles, just a different perspective and approach to those challenges."

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Here's more about each of the guests I speak with in this episode:

Mary Carolyn

Mary Carolyn is mother of two boys, soon to be mother of three. A Former Air Traffic Controller in the Air National Guard, she is currently enjoying the opportunity to stay home and raise her kids. She's also working on finishing up a degree.
Currently residing in FL for her husbands work, she and her family love taking advantage of the gorgeous nearby beaches and discovering beautiful places in their local area.
Her early childhood education and most of middle school years were spent in a Waldorf curriculum. She received so much from these experiences and has since looked to be able to share similar experiences with her children.


Hanna was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska and moved to Homer when she met her husband Brandon, a teacher of talented and gifted students for the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. Their passion for the outdoors, athletics and education is what they want to share with the children and families of Homer and beyond.

Hanna has had experience in the early childhood field in Homer through being the Executive Director of Kachemak Kids Early Learning Center, Lead Teacher at Homer Head Start and a Developmental Specialist at Sprout. She wants to support families where they are and provide them with tools to succeed!

She brings with her in her toolbox a Masters in Early Childhood Special Education with a Teacher’s Certification for k-3 and LifeWays Early Childhood Teacher certification, a Waldorf inspired approach to early childhood development and education. She wants to share with families how they can make their life more relaxing, rejuvenating and meaningful with healthy home rhythms.

You can follow Hanna on instagram by clicking here.


Tatum Joy Hammer (she/her) is an artist and homeschooling mother of three children. Having a foundation in wholistic living that was fostered by having attended a Waldorf school for the majority of her primary education, she finds much joy in shepherding the learning experiences of her children. With a steady eye on slowing down and allowing time to live fully in the moment, Tatum’s motherhood mantra (or the moment) is to be the change she wishes to see in the world.

You can follow Tatum on Instagram by clicking here.


Katie is from Ireland and attended the Holywood Rudolf Steiner School. She pursued a career working with children, which was always her passion. She gained an early years care and education qualification before being drawn back to Waldorf when she trained as a Waldorf teacher at Plymouth University in England. Katie went on to become a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher before having her daughter. She is now a stay at home mother and offers "home from home" Waldorf inspired childcare.

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The only resource mentioned in this  episode is "You are Your Child's First Teacher", written by Rahima Baldwin Dancy. Rahima was also a featured guest in episode 209 which you can listen to by clicking here.

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