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Inclusion and Belonging: The Trailer for Season Four

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I am so excited to be sharing this trailer with you and to begin this season of episodes. About seven months ago, I began planning an episode about inclusion and belonging in Waldorf education. I have been asked many times since the Waldorfy podcast launched to cover the topic of Waldorf, inclusion, and equity. I also had this feeling right from the start that it was something I wanted to dive deeper into. As you may have heard me mention many times through Waldorfy podcast episodes, I had a very positive experience attending a Waldorf school as a child. I had great teachers, great experiences, and overall  just feel I experienced education in the most enriching way possible.

However, reflecting back, there could have been much more to educate me about race, equity, inequity, and the like. It's honestly one of the few criticisms I have of my Waldorf education. I certainly didn't think my high school did any better, (I did not attend a Waldorf High school). I don't want this season to be about finger pointing at failures. My hope is that this series of episodes can be a guiding light towards figuring out how Waldorf can be more inclusive and be better at creating a sense of belonging.

I was listening to Bessie Jones and Mikaela Simms on the In The Company of Black Women podcast, in which Mikaela, a Black woman, mentions that she has NEVER been comfortable in a Waldorf school. When I heard that my heart just sank, but I heard it, and for me there is no going back. Her feeling, and the feelings of so many other Black individuals connected with Waldorf and anthroposophy need to be heard.

I present in the first episode of Waldorfy, the very first trailer for season one, that although I try my best to be objective, I am biased. I love Waldorf education and that is one of the reasons I'm doing this series. I want to share the voices and experiences of Black guests in this season because I want the Waldorf community to listen. My hope is that Waldorf schools, communities associated with anthroposophy, and even interested individuals, begin a dialogue about racism. I hope that this series can be a conversation starter about what we all can do to take down the racism that is so rampant in our society. If there is not equity in education there can be no equity. Ultimately I hope that any child no matter who they are can have the same warm, beautiful, inspired educational experience that I had.

I hope you come to listening to this season with openness in your heart. Below I shared some resources that can help to get you familiar with some of the themes and topics that will appear in this series. I also get into some of these themes in this trailer episode. Thank you for your willingness to hear what will be shared this season.

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Below are the books I recommended as great resources to get yourself more familiar with the themes and language we'll be using throughout season 4.

"White Fragility" by Robin DiAngelo. (In the episode I mention "Roberta" DiAngelo, it's Robin DiAngelo)

"Raising White Kids" by Jennifer Harvey

"Me and White Supremacy" by Layla Saad  


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  • Genevieve Dagobert

    What an inspiring podcast! Thank you so much, Ashley for your dedication, your courage to start the conversation on race and inclusion. I look forward to adding my contribution. Kindest regards, Genevieve