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This episode is totally unique to anything I've done before. In the episode I'm being interviewed by the lovely Laura Scappaticci of the Anthroposopher podcast. Laura was my guest in last week's episode and right after I interviewed her, she interviewed me for her show. In that conversation we spent more time on what I find intriguing about anthroposophy. I speak about my connection and appreciation of Waldorf education and biodynamic farming. We also discussed  statements that Steiner made about race. I have an interest in some ideas in the sphere of anthroposophy but I have never been able to get over how Steiner, who seemed so progressive for his time, made sweeping statements on race that are just unacceptable. It was nice to hear Laura, who is quite involved with anthroposophy, straight out denounce these statements. We left our conversation on Steiner and race just having scratched the surface. It's a conversation that I hope to continue on the podcast.

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Here's a link to Laura's Anthroposopher podcast. As I mention in this episode, I only shared a segment of Laura's interview with me here. You can listen to Laura's full interview with me on the Anthroposopher.

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    Each time I teach a group of students in anthroposophy, I ask them what they wish to learn and what kind of expectations they have. Of course I receive many different answers, but there are two subjects that often come up. The students want to learn about anthroposophy in a way that is related to working with children and adolescents, and they want to understand anthroposophy better. They want clear and straightforward explanations. Many also express that they are sceptical of anthroposophical ideas. They do not want to accept the idea of reincarnation right away and feel alienated from or troubled by concepts like etheric or astral bodies. For this reason I have chosen to compose the lectures by integrating dialogue about questions coming from the students and a thorough presentation of selected concepts from Waldorf education and anthroposophy.