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All About Anthroposophy with Laura Scappaticci of the Anthroposopher Podcast

As I mention at the start of this episode, I think it's helpful to hear stories of personal discovery and exploration with anthroposophy. At least for me, a lot of ideas surrounding anthroposophy are kind of out there and I find it interesting to speak with individuals who are really diving deep into understanding Steiner's ideas and all the different areas that anthroposophy extends to.

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My guest in this episode is Laura Scappaticci. She is the Director of Programs for the Anthroposophical Society in America. Before joining the ASA in 2016, Laura had over sixteen years of experience in education creating and managing events and programs. She served as the Dean of Student Life at Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California, attended Waldorf teacher training in New Hampshire, and coordinated a thriving anthroposophical study group. She expresses a core interest in “investigating the ways anthroposophy informs and elevates today’s individuals, while connecting with contemporary cultural innovations and concerns,” and notes that “it gives me great joy to connect individuals and groups, and to help them offer their ideas and work to the world.” In addition to creating events, webinars and the ASA podcast, she is on the executive committee of the Council of Anthroposophical Organizations (CAO).

Laura was a true delight to speak to for this episode. She's the host of the Anthroposophical Society in America's podcast, The Anthroposopher. She is so joyful and relatable and in the episode she touches on a few neat areas of anthroposophy that I haven't been able to cover yet on the podcast. Most of the episode is a conversation about her exploration of anthroposophy and her work with the Anthroposophical Society in America, and what kinds of programs they offer.

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One of the first books Laura read discovering anthroposophy was "How to Know Higher Worlds" by Rudolf Steiner.

In this episode Laura talks about a guest lecturer for the Anthroposophical Society in America, Orland Bishop. His book is "The Seventh Shrine: Meditations on the African Spiritual Journey: From the Middle Passage to the Mountain Top."

Laura discusses the Anthroposophical Society in America quite a bit in this episode. At their site you can check out more information, study groups, and programming if you want to dive deeper into anthroposophy.

Here's a link to Laura's podcast, The Anthroposopher.

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