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Joanis’s Waldorf Experience

Joanis is a 19 year old living in New York City and is currently a student at SUNY New Platz majoring in Black studies. In this episode Joanis and I get into what she enjoyed about her Waldorf experience and the kinds of challenges she experienced.

Similar to the last episode, there are moments of my conversation with Joanis that may be hard to process for some. As I have mentioned in the pervious episode, you may feel uncomfortable or triggered by hearing some of these experiences. You may feel you need to justify or you may feel defensive. Feelings like this can be normal when we’re exposed to the experiences of people who’ve been historically othered. I recommend working to further your own understanding of equity and inclusion. There are many resources out there that can help you to do this. As with all the episodes in this series I have no intention of calling out any individuals or communities. My hope is that this series of episodes helps to start a conversation. I hope when you listen in to these episodes that you do so with an open mind and an open heart.


You'll recognize this image speaking about equality and equity, I linked to it in the resource section for the last episode.

This is a one page summary of the book White Fragility by Robin D'Angelo. I've included this book on the resources page for all the other episodes in this season as well. I figured that some people may want to check out a summary.