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Eighth Grade and the Eighth Grader

I had an amazing time interviewing Simone for this episode. She was really the perfect guest for this final episode of the fifth season. In many of the episodes of season five we've been touching on expanding on Waldorf, but Simone really goes into depth on this. She speaks not just about grade eight, but how she's expanded on the "traditional" Waldorf curriculum in other grades as well.

I loved all the episodes of this fifth season, but I have to say my conversation with Simone for this episode is my favorite.

Content warning, we do speak briefly about sexual education in this episode, it may not be suitable for all ears.

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Simone mentions her facebook page as a resource she used to go deeper exploring Black History month and the work she was doing at that time. Here's the link to her page. As she mentions in the episode those posts were back in February so you'll have to scroll back to find them.

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