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Thank you for being here and supporting the launch of the sixth season of Waldorfy! In this season we're exploring all things Waldorf from birth to age seven. During this season we'll be focused on this early stage including the baby months, toddlerhood, the preschool, and kindergarten years all through the lens of the Waldorf approach.

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In this trailer segment I'm giving away some spoiler alerts by dropping the names of a few guests and discussing a few upcoming episode topics. So much great content is coming!!

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I also spend a good chunk of this trailer episode discussing the details of our Waldorfy Patreon drive. I'm hoping to boost support for the show through Patreon membership and I'm doing a whole bunch of gift aways from podcast supports to help give that little nudge to help you make the leap into becoming a Patreon supporter of the show!

I can't thank the supporters of Waldorfy enough, both Patreon members and podcast partners. You can learn more about becoming a Patreon supporter by clicking here. The following partners have gifted some great items to be gifted away to randomly selected Patreon supporters on October 2nd. Those special supporters are:


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