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Sabine’s Waldorf Experience

I should say that I have been looking forward to collaborating with Sabine for a very long time. I first emailed her way back in February and I am SO glad that we got to chat and record together.

In this episode, Sabine speaks with me about her experience discovering  Waldorf education, becoming a Waldorf teacher, and all about how she started All of us Crayons.

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More about Sabine...

Sabine Josephs, founder of All of Us Crayons and Waldorf mama to her young daughter Olivia. 
Sabine and her husband discovered Waldorf Education through the works and studies of @paul.chek.  Paul spoke about biodynamic farming and Rudolph Steiner, which led them to Waldorf schools.  When their daughter was 6 months old, they attended a Waldorf parent and child class and they were hooked!  They both love the emphasis on nature and free play in Waldorf education as well as the adaptation of play according to the child's developmental stage. Although they loved what they were experiencing they couldn't help but notice that they were the only black family in their class.  What eventually became evident is that Waldorf schools lack diversity and there are challenges.
Last December, Sabine introduced her instagram page 'Waldorf in Color' and uses it as a platform to shine light on the challenges of getting people of color to adapt to the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner and how, by working together, we can overcome these challenges.
In addition, Sabine discovered the lack of beeswax crayons that represented skin tone colors. She spent hours and hours creating a crayon recipe and 8 shades that represented a wide range of beautiful skin tones. This led to the creation of All of Us crayons, a set of Skin tone crayons that honor our diverse world.
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