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The Mood of the Fifth, Songs, and Music for Young Children

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My guest, Chinyelu of the We Nurture podcast, and I discuss what exactly the mood of the fifth is and why it is used in Waldorf Early Childhood Education. Chinyelu gives us a few examples of songs in the mood of the fifth in addition to chatting with me about songs and music in general for young children.

Chinyelu was born and mostly raised in Enugu, Nigeria, West Africa.  After she graduated from high school, she left Nigeria to attend university in the United States and subsequently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture followed by a Master’s in Architecture.

It was in California that she first experienced Waldorf Education when she joined a parent and child class when her son was just a little under two years old.

Chinyelu has always loved learning and has been drawn to the arts for as long as she can remember so it wasn't surprising that her first encounter with Waldorf Education was a match.  "When I discovered Waldorf Education, it resonated with me instantly and just made sense as an educational approach to teaching children.  The more I read and learned, the more sense it made."

Chinyelu went on to earn her Waldorf Early Childhood teaching certificate after receiving her LifeWays North America training certificate in Human Development.

The idea for the We Nurture podcast came to life in the Fall of 2019 when it had become quite clear that although parents in her class were interested in gaining a deeper understanding of parenting their young child, reading articles and books had become a real time challenge. Through her podcast episodes, Instagram posts and blog Chinyelu's goal is to educate, share and inspire!


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Chinyelu is a Waldorf Early Childhood pro and I could not be more excited to share all of what she offers with all of you!!

Here is a link to where you can find Chinyelu's We Nature's Podcast.

Here's a link to Chinyelu's Stories for Children.

Here's a link to Chinyelu's blog, which I LOVE, lots of greats stuff over there. (I love the verses on getting dressed, they've helped us out!)

Here's a link to where you can learn more and book parenting coaching sessions with Chinyelu. 

Towards the beginning of this episode Chinyelu mentions a book, "The Mood of The Fifth: A Musical Approach to Early Childhood" edited by Nancy Foster.

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