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What is anthroposophy?

In this episode I speak with Torin Finser, PhD. Torin has has a lengthly career serving Waldorf education, first as a Waldorf class teacher and then as a faculty member and director of the Waldorf Teacher Education Program at Antioch University New England. Torin has served as the general secretary for the anthroposophical society in America as well as helped found the Center for Anthroposophy in New Hampshire. His research and writings have reached people all over the world including several books that have been translated into multiple languages.

I was so fortune to speak with Torin, seeking to answer the question, “What is anthroposophy?” If you’re a parent or alumni, you probably have heard the term before but maybe still are unclear on exactly what it is, which is what I try and clarify in this episode.

Torin gives an introduction to anthroposophy, including briefly going into its beginnings and connection with its founder Rudolf Steiner. We discuss how anthroposophy is a study, certainly not a religion. We go into what the study of anthroposophy is, and its branches, one of which is Waldorf education. We also touch on how anthroposophy is connected with Waldorf education.


Torin had several suggestions for those interested in anthroposophy and Waldorf Education:


“School as a Journey”, The eight year odyssey of a Waldorf teacher and his class.

Tobin M. Finser, PhD

“A second classroom”, Parent - Teacher relationships in a Waldorf School.

Torin M. Finser, PhD

“Education for NonViolence, The Waldorf Way”

Torin M. Finser, PhD

“The False Door Between Life and Death” Supporting grieving students, teachers & parents.

Torin M. Finser PhD

“Initiative” A Rosicrucian Path for Leadership

Torin M Finser PhD

“In Search of Ethical Leadership” If not now, when?

Torin M. Finser PhD

“Guided Self Study” Rudolf Steiner’s Path of Spiritual Development. A workbook for spiritual-scientific study


“Being Human” Personal and cultural renewal in the 21st century


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