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    How Waldorf Works

    In this episdoe I speak with guest Sarah Lee. Sarah is the mother of three adult children all of whom went to a Waldorf School all the way up through grade 12. Sarah is also the founder of Sarah's Silks. Sarah’s Silks is a family owned company specializing in Waldorf inspired sustainable toys for children. They supply playsilks, capes, fairy dresses, streamers and other toys to Steiner schools, boutique toy shops and families in the USA, Europe, Australia, Japan and many other countries. Below is a really nice video from the Sarah's Silks site introducing Sarah Lee. SUBSCRIBE TO THE WALDORFY PODCAST Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify About this episode: I had…

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    Art in Waldorf Education

    In this episode I speak with Waldorf class teacher of 23 years, Darcy Drayton. As I’m introducing the episode, I first speak a little about why art is being integrated across all subjects in Waldorf education. Then when speaking with Darcy, we discuss more of how art is incorporated in the curriculum and how she uses different artistic mediums as tools to teach with. Darcy, an artist herself, also speaks about drama and class plays in the Waldorf curriculum, and how she uses her artistic freedom as a teacher, to meet the children where they’re at developmentally. While also trying to be aware of the challenges that they will face…

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    Who is Rudolf Steiner?

    In this episode I wanted a contrast to the previous three episodes I’ve produced. I wanted a young fresh perspective to speak with me about Rudolf Steiner, who he was, and his ideas. I am so excited that a friend of mine and fellow Waldorf alum, Theodore, said he’d sit down with me for a discussion exploring Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy. Theo Groh grew up on a biodynamic farm in Wilton New Hampshire. He attended Waldorf school K-12 at Pine Hill and High Mowing School. He graduated with a B.A in Politics from Saint Anselm College, and is currently completing his masters in Digital Marketing and Design at Brandeis University.…

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    What is anthroposophy?

    In this episode I speak with Torin Finser, PhD. Torin has has a lengthly career serving Waldorf education, first as a Waldorf class teacher and then as a faculty member and director of the Waldorf Teacher Education Program at Antioch University New England. Torin has served as the general secretary for the anthroposophical society in America as well as helped found the Center for Anthroposophy in New Hampshire. His research and writings have reached people all over the world including several books that have been translated into multiple languages. I was so fortune to speak with Torin, seeking to answer the question, “What is anthroposophy?” If you’re a parent or…

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    What is Waldorf Education? PART 2

    In this second segment of my exploration of “What is Waldorf Education?”, I speak with retired Waldorf Teacher, Hugh Renwick. Hugh, who also happens to be my father in-law, has thirty years of experience as a Waldorf teacher, seven as a high school teacher, and twenty one as class teacher in the lower grades. Hugh elaborates on what it means to educate to the developmental stage that the child is at, in addition to giving a picture of what those phases look like, which Glynn also touched on in PART 1. He also speaks about the Waldorf curriculum from kindergarten all the way through high school. RESOURCES: In this episode…

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    A Waldorf Alumni Perspective

    One of the the things I’ve been most looking forward to diving into within Waldorf education is the global movement. How in one hundred years, has Waldorf Education spread to one thousand schools in sixty countries? How can teachers, communities, and parents, create the same kind of consistent, naturing, environment that a Waldorf school needs to provide? I really thought about how to approach this post. In the end I decided to take a slightly different route than I have before. This week, I’m so fortunate to have some other “Waldorfy” alumni on board for a more diverse perspective.   Here’s what they have to say.   Which Waldorf school…

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    The Waldorfy Podcast!

    I've been a busy bee over here! First of all, thank you so much for your support. I've had a lot of wonderful feedback already and it makes me really happy that so many people are finding Waldorfy to be a helpful resource. Today, I'm most excited to introduce my newest project: the Waldorfy Podcast! This is something I've been working on for a few months now and I'm so pumped for it to launch! You can expect new episodes twice a month. Each podcast episode will be an interview with a Waldorf teacher or an anthroposophist discussing a particular area of their expertise. I hope to cover each topic…

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