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Anthroposophic Medicine

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This is a topic you may never even known existed! When I first set out to explore anthroposophy more deeply, I knew I had to do an episode about anthroposophic medicine. It was an area of anthroposophy I knew almost nothing about. Plus I have a general interest in health and wellbeing, as I think many people are who gravitate toward a holistic approach to education like Waldorf.

Although Waldorf education is completely separate from anthroposophic medicine, it's worth pointing out that there is one large similarity. Anthroposophic medicine looks more deeply at factors impacting ones health, just as Waldorf looks at more than just the intellect as part of educating the whole child. In the episode we discuss the way an anthroposophic doctor looks at a fever. To an anthroposophic doctor, a fever isn't just a number on a thermometer, it's also about what developmental stage the human being is at. An anthoposophic doctor may look at additional factors to help guide them in how to manage that fever. To me, this seemed similar to my understanding of Waldorf education. Within a Waldorf approach to education a teacher doesn't only put value on a test score. Different curriculum is presented dependent on the developmental stage of the child. Anthopsosphic Medicine offers additional tools for looking at human health and wellbeing. Just as I see, Waldorf education adds more to a traditional approach to education.

My guest Dr. Adam Blanning does a fantastic job of explaining what anthroposophic medicine is and how it's practiced. In the episode we go deeper than just speaking about this holistic approach to medicine. Dr. Blanning and I also touch on how anthroposophic medicine looks at helping individuals and children with physical and cognitive disabilities, and anthoposophic cancer treatments.

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Here's a bit more about my guest Dr. Adam Blanning:

Dr. Blanning has practiced as an anthroposophic family doctor for the last sixteen years in Denver, Colorado. He is president of the Anthroposophic Health Association (AHA), a board member of the Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM) and directs the physician training programs for Anthroposophic Medicine in the U.S. and Canada. Dr. Blanning also works as a school doctor, and lectures and teaches widely, with a special interest in child development and curative education. He is the author of “Understanding Deeper Developmental Needs: Holistic Approaches for Challenging Behaviors in Children.”


Click here to visit Dr. Adam Blanning's website.

At the beginning of this episode, while we were speaking about fevers, Dr. Blanning mentioned a study that looked at autism behavior and fevers. Here is the link to that study.

Below are a list of websites Dr. Blanning listed for those looking for more about anthroposophic medicine.

With good information and lots of research about mistletoe as a cancer therapy
General research, by category, about anthroposophic medicine
Plus the ones he mentioned in the episode:
Which is the anthroposophic physicians' association
Which is the umbrella for all of the therapies.

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