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First Grade and the First Grader

How do you know a child is ready for first grade at a Waldorf school? What happens on the first day of first grade in a Waldorf school? What does a Waldorf student learn in first grade? These are all things we dive into in this episode featuring my guest, experienced Waldorf teacher, Lori Kran.

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Lori Kran, PhD, US History, Waldorf certification from WTDA, Ann Arbor, MI. Lori has been a class teacher at the Cincinnati Waldorf School since 1995, she has taken two cycles through the grades, and is currently teaching in her third cycle. Additionally, Lori teaches US History and Civics at the Cincinnati Waldorf High School. In 2012, Lori gave a TEDX talk titled, "The Heart of Education."


In this episode Lori shares the book, "Road Map to Literacy". by Janet Langley, Jennifer Militzer-Kopperl, and contributor Patti Connolly.

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