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Fourth Grade and the Fourth Grader

What happens after the nine year change?

Guest Angela Lindstrom and I are discussing what the nine/ten year old is going through developmentally during the fourth grade year. We talk about the changes that the fourth grader is experiencing at this age, how the adults in their lives can be supporting guides in their lives, as well as how the Waldorf fourth grade curriculum works to engage the fourth grader where they're at developmentally.

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More about Angela Lindstrom...

Angela grew up in a little house in the big woods of Ohio, playing beside the gently flowing waters of the Little Miami River. The forest, river, and wildlife were constant companions as she grew up amidst a tapestry of multi -cultural, -religious, -socioeconomic, and geographical backgrounds. After college and living in France and Switzerland, Angela worked as a journalist and for Stephen Covey at The Covey Leadership Center in Utah.  Later, she and her husband returned to her home state where she then taught Native American Studies for seven years at the University of Cincinnati and became a mother, discovering Waldorf education shortly thereafter. Angela soon completed training as an EC Waldorf teacher and taught Parent and Child classes in Denver before coming to the Whidbey Island Waldorf School. Once here, she began teaching in the grades and completed a M.Ed. at Antioch New England. Angela is currently the 6/7 grade class teacher at WIWS, where she has taught for 15 years. Angela is active in her Native American culture being of Ojibwa (maternal) and Cherokee (paternal) descent. She has organized and hosted the "Pacific Northwest Regional Waldorf Schools Potlatch - A Celebration of Nations" for more than a decade. Angela is an advocate for the Rights of First Nation Peoples, as well as environmental and adoption issues, and has been a national presenter on Native culture and spirituality, and a representative for Multicultural Women in the World. She is an accomplished artist and writer; however, her most rewarding role is that of mother to her six children, and grandmother to her two grandsons.

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