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Sixth Grade and the Sixth Grader

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For this episode I was so fortunate to get to speak with incredible guest, Anne Clair Goodman all about sixth grade and the sixth grader. The experience for the sixth grader is so different than any age or grade we've talked about this season. The twelve year change, which we discuss in this episode, is a challenging developmental shift that may be just beginning in the sixth grade but generally continues into the teenage years. In addition to speaking about the blocks in the sixth grade curriculum we also speak about media and screen time as that can also be an interesting component parents, carers, and teachers may be navigating at this time.

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Towards the end of this episode I mentioned a book, "Simplicity Parenting" by Kim John Payne. It's a book I've mentioned on the podcast before but I thought I'd share it once more since it does a good job exploring the question, "What is essential?" that Anne Clair posed for parents, carers, and teachers.

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