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    An Introduction to Eurythmy

    This was a very special interview for me to conduct. I made up my mind quite a while ago that I wanted to feature an episode on eurythmy. It was an extra special treat to get to have my mother-in-law Carol Renwick as my guest. Carol met Anthroposophy and eurythmy in her twenties when she was a graduate student in philosophy at the University of Toronto. Eurythmy spoke to her soul and held out a promise of supporting her to become a whole, integrated person, not just a walking head and dancer with little connection between the two.  She decided to commit to the 4 year training and then also…

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    A Road Map For Anthroposophy

      I decided to title this episode “A Road Map for Anthroposophy”, because I felt that really best described what this episode is. If you're a big Waldorfy fan and have listened in all the way back to the beginning of season one, you'll remember that in episode 103 I did a more brief sweeping introduction to anthroposophy. If you want to go back and check that episode out click here. In this episode we’re breaking down what anthroposophy is in simple terms and then laying out all the things that fall under the umbrella of anthroposophy. I know I referenced that umbrella term a lot in the trailer for…

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