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    Reverence and Ritual

      Subscribe to the Waldorfy podcast Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify In this episode Chinyelu Kunz of the We Nurture podcast is back! We're exploring the concepts of reverence and ritual in the life of the young child, and how they tie into the Waldorf approach. Follow Waldorfy on Social Media XFacebookInstagram Resources: I can't thank Chinyelu enough for speaking with me for this episode. I feel there is no one better suited to speak about this topic then her. At her website she offers so much, you can learn more about the parenting coaching she offers, read her blog, (one of my favorite blogs ever!) and check out her podcast. Chinyelu…

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    Are Waldorf Schools Religious?

    I have to tell you, I put more effort into this episode than any other this season. I really wanted to do this topic justice. As I mention in the episode, when I googled “Are Waldorf Schools Religious?”, way back when I was just starting Waldorfy, I found a lot of really confusing conflicting resources, articles, and blog posts. Based on my personal experience attending a Waldorf school, as well as my husband’s experience (he’s also a Waldorf alum) I knew that this wasn’t as hard a topic to tackle as some of those really challenging to understand resources made it seem. I could not have asked a more perfect…

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