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    Subscribe to the Waldorfy Podcast Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify I loved exploring the topic of screens, media, and the use of digital technologies for young children with guest Eloise Rickman. Our conversation gave me so much to consider as we explored how nuanced this topic is. I truly loved having Eloise on the show and I'm so excited to share this episode with all of you. I felt she was incredibly eloquent speaking to something that can be so challenging for families to navigate. Follow Waldorfy on Social Media XFacebookInstagram Resources: Firstly I have to mention Eloise's website there you can learn more about her and all of her offerings including…

  • Podcast,  The Waldorf Approach,  Waldorf in the Home,  Waldorfy Podcast

    Media & Screen Time: What’s the Waldorf Approach

    What is the Waldorf approach to media and screen exposure? It is, and has been for many years, a strong view that media and screen time should be limited to nothing for very young children and minimal for children in primary school. Although many Waldorf schools are understanding of the difficulty in creating such a limit in today’s world, this viewpoint has stayed fairly consistent. In this episode my fantastic guest, David Sewell McCann and I explore this topic. As a story teller and former Waldorf teacher, David recognizes that early on it’s important to develop an image rich life. Through life experiences, hearing stories, and looking at picture books,…

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