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    Waldorf Walls: Color and the Lazure Technique

    Check Out Our Incredible Waldorfy Supporter! Palumba believes that imaginative, open-ended play with simple toys, crafted from beautiful, natural material offers children warmth and a sense of well-being when discovering their world. Growing up attending a Waldorf school, one of the things I would look forward to most at the end of the year was the excitement of getting to move into a new classroom the following year. The next grade always felt so much more cool, and moving to a new classroom meant moving into a room of a new color! If you've attended a Waldorf school, or have had a child attend one, you may…

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    Art in Waldorf Education

    In this episode I speak with Waldorf class teacher of 23 years, Darcy Drayton. As I’m introducing the episode, I first speak a little about why art is being integrated across all subjects in Waldorf education. Then when speaking with Darcy, we discuss more of how art is incorporated in the curriculum and how she uses different artistic mediums as tools to teach with. Darcy, an artist herself, also speaks about drama and class plays in the Waldorf curriculum, and how she uses her artistic freedom as a teacher, to meet the children where they’re at developmentally. While also trying to be aware of the challenges that they will face…

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    Why is everything natural in a Waldorf classroom?

    Many parents who have a child attending a Waldorf school have a distinct memory of their first time seeing or visiting a Waldorf kindergarten. The early childhood rooms in every Waldorf school have such a distinct feel. It’s warm, inviting, and serene. From my experience as a parent witnessing little ones in this space, I believe it sparks a real sense of warmth and security that allows for the best expression of open-ended free play. In my last post on color, I discussed how much the color of the classrooms plays into the feeling within the space, but what about the contents of the room? The wood, the wool, the…

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