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The Child IS the Curriculum: A discussion on Waldorf homeschooling with Annie Haas

Annie is a very special guest. Annie Haas is a Waldorf homeschooling mom of three children, one of whom is grown now. She is an artist, musician, singer, and an avid reader of Steiner and other esoteric studies. She loves living deeply into seasonal festivals and Anthroposophy. She runs an online Steiner study group for homeschool moms or anyone interested in diving deeper into studying the developing human being. She also created the Threefold Human Calendar with the help of her son who is an aspiring graphic designer. It is a planner to help teachers, homeschoolers, and anthroposophists do inner work.

What stood out for me right away after connecting with Annie on social media, is how knowledgable she is about Steiner's work. She has really put some effort into trying to understand exactly what Steiner had in mind surrounding all aspects of Waldorf education. It's that dedication to providing her children with a truly authentic Waldorf experience that made me feel immediately drawn to her.

Annie is the founder of "The Child Is the Curriculum". "The Child Is the Curriculum" is an online community off of social media where Waldorf Homeschooling parents can connect and support each other. It's a space where you can find so much as a Waldorf homeschool parent. You can learn more about studying Steiner's work through study groups and you can find content for yourself for free and for purchase plus you can upload your own content to download or sell. It's really quite unique and I definitely recommend that you check it out.


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In the episode, Annie and I discuss her journey with Waldorf homeschooling as well as how she got "The Child Is the Curriculum" started. Annie has some great recommendations for both planning and simplifying. A great example is how she's doing a theme of the middle ages through all of sixth grade, weaving in things like physics and games into this over arching theme. She makes a great point that if you're a Waldorf class teacher, you get to pass your class off to different subject teachers throughout the day, for example, handwork, games, or eurythmy, but when you homeschool it's all on you. She shares a few good tips on how to juggle this.


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Visit Annie's site, The Child IS the Curriculum.

A list of books Annie recommends for Waldorf homeschoolers:
"Waldorf Education A Family Guide" by Pamela Johnson Fenner and Karen Rivers
"A Child’s Seasonal Treasury" by Betty Jones
"Festivals, Family, and Food" by Diana Carey and Judy Large
"Festivals Together A Guide to Multicultural Celebration" by Sue Fitzjohn, Minda Weston and Judy Large
"Child’s Changing Consciousness" by Rudolf Steiner
"Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker" by Manfred Schmidt Brabant
"Weekly Meditations" by Rudolf Steiner with reflections by Patsy Scala
"Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path" by Rudolf Steiner
A list of websites Annie recommends:
rsarchive.org (for free Steiner lectures!)
Rudolf Steiner Audio website (for free audio lectures)
The Parenting Passageway Blog
The Child is the Curriculum (online homeschool co-op and Steiner study group with book clubs)
Steiner Books Website for plenty of books!