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Waldorf Early Childhood

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As always I love my conversations with listener favorite and returning guest, Meagan Rose Wilson of Whole Family Rhythms. In this episode we're discussing all things "Waldorf Early Childhood". What happens in a Waldorf early childhood, pre-school, or childcare setting? What does a typical day look like? How can we bring these ideas into our home life with young children? What about potty training? Is there a "Waldorf approach", and many more topics are explored in this episode.

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Early in this episode Megan references Elizabeth Grunelius as someone who Steiner gave indications on early childhood. She wrote a book, "Early Childhood Education and The Waldorf School Plan". Here I've attached a link to it on Amazon but most likely you can find a used copy for less elsewhere. If you do let me know I'm looking for a copy for myself.

Meagan also referenced a Susan Howard who wrote about nine essentials for early childhood. These are things that are for the classroom and can be applied at home too. I've listed these essentials below, and Meagan expands upon each in this episode:

  1. Love and Warmth

     2. Care for the environment, nourishment of the senses 

     3. Creative and artistic experience 

     4. Meaningful adult activity 

     5. Free imaginative play

     6. Protection for the forces of childhood 

     7. Gratitude Reverence and Wonder

     8.  Joy Humor and happiness 

     9. Adult/Care givers on a path of inner development 

In this episode Meagan also mentions an article by Willow Westwood about potty training on her website.

There are a few resources Meagan references for those interested in parent/carer inner work and development. Those are:

Kim John Payne has a meditation resource.

Meagan references EduCareDo as another website with resources if you're more interested in the anthroposophy route to inner work.

We also talk about Janet Lansbury's wonderful resources in this episode. Those are her books, "No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame", and "Elevating Childcare: A Guide To Respectful Parenting". Janet also has a podcast.

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