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More with Waldorf alum Theo Groh

In this episode, 105, I continue my conversation from last week’s episode with Theo Groh. In this segment of the conversation we speak more about anthroposophy and the gift of Waldorf education from our experience as Waldorf alumni.

Theo Groh grew up on a biodynamic farm in Wilton New Hampshire. He attended Waldorf school K-12 at Pine Hill and High Mowing School. He graduated with a B.A in Politics from Saint Anselm College, and is currently completing his masters in Digital Marketing and Design at Brandeis University. After spending some time working in politics and non-profits, Theo worked in admissions and marketing for High Mowing School. He is now a partner at Wheelhouse Web Solutions, a digital marketing company he cofounded with two High Mowing alums. Wheelhouse serves a range of different small businesses and nonprofit clients, including Waldorf schools and anthroposophical organizations and businesses.


In this episode Theo recommends reaching out or visiting a Waldorf school or biodynamic farm and asking what their favorite resources are, particularly asking them what a good entry point resource might be.


“Towards the 21st Century: Doing the Good”

by Bernhard J. Lievegoed

Theo mentions a book by Rudolf Steiner, “The Philosophy of Freedom”, as a resource to learn about Steiner and anthroposophy. However Theo suggested that it is a good book for someone who already is versed in philosophy.

Theo also suggests any book about biodynamic farming.

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  • Johanna robinson

    I am really enjoying your podcast! This episode got me excited to learn more about Biodynamic farming. do you think you could do a podcast about that. I would love to learn more about it, as well as if it is something i can do at home. Are there any favorite books you recommend on that topic?
    Thanks so much again for this wonderful podcast. I love listening!