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      Subscribe to the Waldorfy podcast Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify I loved having Megan Rose Wilson back to speak with me in this episode all about simplicity and Simplicity parenting. Simplicity parenting was first coined by Kim John Payne, who also authored a book all about this topic titled, "Simplicity Parenting", which we reference many times throughout this episode. I mentioned to Meagan when we were recording that I felt this approach to parenting and to really just participating in the lives of young children is SO tied into the Waldorf approach although I've never seen that said or spelled out any where. It felt I really had to cover this…

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    Wonder and Awe

    Subscribe to the Waldorf Podcast Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify In this episode we're exploring what we mean when we talk about "wonder and awe" for young children, and how this relates to the Waldorf approach. I was so fortunate to get to host Waldorf teacher, Meredith Floyd-Preston, as my guest for this episode. Meredith hosts a podcast about Waldorf education from her perspective as an experienced Waldorf teacher called the Waldorf Journey podcast. Follow Waldorfy on Socail Media XFacebookInstagram Resources: Meredith has an incredible website with loads of resources. She has a wonderful podcast, a blog, and courses as well. Definitely a resource you must check out! Meredith has a podcast episode…

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      Subscribe to the Waldorfy Podcast Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify   Why rhythm? Why establish a daily rhythm in life and work with young children? How to start moving into a daily rhythm in your home or school setting with children? All this and more is explored in this episode by Ashley, (me!). In this first episode where I speak sharing my own expertise, I'll talk about what I've learned about daily rhythm, and how integrating a daily rhythm has benefited my family, PLUS how it's supported me as a caretaker. Follow Waldorfy on Socail Media XFacebookInstagram Resources: In this episode I mention a previous Waldorfy podcast episode back in season…

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    What’s Waldorf?

    Subscribe to the Waldorfy Podcast Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify  So what's Waldorf?? I figured we'd better start this seventh season of the show by revisiting  one of the show's most commonly asked questions.  In this episode I'm speaking with returning guest Chinyelu Kunz of the We Nurture podcast. Her many years of experience with Waldorf give her an incredible perspective and ability to explain clearly  what the Waldorf approach is and what it aims to achieve. Follow Waldorfy on Socail Media XFacebookInstagram Resources: Chinyelu's We Nurture podcast Check out the We Nurture Collective to learn more about Chinyelu's book for children, "The Three Little Deers and the Great Storm", parenting coaching,…

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    Subscribe to the Waldorfy Podcast to listen to each and every episode this season. Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify   Welcome to the seventh season of the show! In this trailer episode I'm announcing the theme for this season, and giving sneak peeks into some of the episode topics. I also speak about some exciting changes to the structure of the show. Follow Waldorfy on Socail Media XFacebookInstagram Big thanks to our Waldorfy season seven  podcast partner, Sparkle Stories!   Click here to check out a list of our family's favorite Sparkle Stories. Super Special Thanks to all of our Waldorfy Patreon supporters! Support Waldorfy on Patreon Patreon  

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