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The Waldorf Kindergartener

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VERY experienced Waldorf kindergarten teacher, Tim Bennett, speaks with me in this episode all about the Waldorf kindergarten.

Some of the highlights we discussed include, what's going on for the five/six year old child developmentally, what the average day looks like in the Waldorf kindergarten, what drew Tim to become a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher, and a bit about how to bring the Waldorf kindergarten environment into the home.

Tim, who was LOVELY to speak with also suggested some great resources listed below.

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Tim mentioned WECAN as a great source for Waldorfy kindergarten & early childhood resources.

Here's where you can find WECAN's Child Development Year by Year Resource.

"School Readiness Today", edited by Claus-Peter Roh, translated by Margot M. Saar.

"The Cradle of a Healthy Life" by Dr. Johanna Steegmans

"Nursery Tales from Around the World" by Judy Sierra

Rewilding the American Child from Outside Magazine September 2018

"Braiding Sweetgrass" by Robin Wall Kimmerer

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