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Waldorf Birthdays

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I really have to give my guest, Chinyelu Kunz, all the credit for this episode. I'd wanted to have her back on the show since she spoke with me earlier this season all about the Mood of the Fifth back in episode 605. I adored having her so much that when I wrote to ask her to speak with me again I threw the ball in her court asking if she had any ideas for topics for this season for us to discuss. I'm so glad she suggested Waldorf birthdays. I know many are familiar with the beautiful photos all over social media depicting Waldorf birthday celebrations. However, I thought it was important to explore how a child's birthday or arrival celebration is, or should be much more than a pretty photo.

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Chinyelu mentions "The Birthday Book" which has a lot of wonderful ideas for celebrating birthdays for children of all ages.

"Through the Rainbow: A Waldorf Birthday Story for Children" is one of our favorite books to read on the day of the birthday celebration.

You can find Chinyelu's podcast, We Nature, here.

You can find Chinyelu's blog here.

You can learn more and sign up for parenting consultations with Chinyelu here.

Chinyelu also has a collection of children's stories you can find here. 

Here's where you can find Chinyelu's new book, "The Three Little Dears and The Great Storm".

Here's where you can find my favorite Waldorf birthday ring at Palumba. It fits the little Grimms figures if thats the route you choose to go and they offer the most lovely beeswax candles for it too.

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