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    Are Waldorf Schools Religious?

    I have to tell you, I put more effort into this episode than any other this season. I really wanted to do this topic justice. As I mention in the episode, when I googled “Are Waldorf Schools Religious?”, way back when I was just starting Waldorfy, I found a lot of really confusing conflicting resources, articles, and blog posts. Based on my personal experience attending a Waldorf school, as well as my husband’s experience (he’s also a Waldorf alum) I knew that this wasn’t as hard a topic to tackle as some of those really challenging to understand resources made it seem. I could not have asked a more perfect…

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    Who is Rudolf Steiner?

    In this episode I wanted a contrast to the previous three episodes I’ve produced. I wanted a young fresh perspective to speak with me about Rudolf Steiner, who he was, and his ideas. I am so excited that a friend of mine and fellow Waldorf alum, Theodore, said he’d sit down with me for a discussion exploring Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy. Theo Groh grew up on a biodynamic farm in Wilton New Hampshire. He attended Waldorf school K-12 at Pine Hill and High Mowing School. He graduated with a B.A in Politics from Saint Anselm College, and is currently completing his masters in Digital Marketing and Design at Brandeis University.…

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    What is anthroposophy?

    In this episode I speak with Torin Finser, PhD. Torin has has a lengthly career serving Waldorf education, first as a Waldorf class teacher and then as a faculty member and director of the Waldorf Teacher Education Program at Antioch University New England. Torin has served as the general secretary for the anthroposophical society in America as well as helped found the Center for Anthroposophy in New Hampshire. His research and writings have reached people all over the world including several books that have been translated into multiple languages. I was so fortune to speak with Torin, seeking to answer the question, “What is anthroposophy?” If you’re a parent or…

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    Why is everything natural in a Waldorf classroom?

    Many parents who have a child attending a Waldorf school have a distinct memory of their first time seeing or visiting a Waldorf kindergarten. The early childhood rooms in every Waldorf school have such a distinct feel. It’s warm, inviting, and serene. From my experience as a parent witnessing little ones in this space, I believe it sparks a real sense of warmth and security that allows for the best expression of open-ended free play. In my last post on color, I discussed how much the color of the classrooms plays into the feeling within the space, but what about the contents of the room? The wood, the wool, the…

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    The Intentional Use of Color in the Waldorf Classroom

      I have such fond memories of the Waldorf school I attended as a child. One of my most vivid memories is of the color of the classrooms where I learned to love learning. The first time I took my son to a parent and child class at a different Waldorf school, I noticed the same colors and shades welcoming me into the classroom. I observed, with the other parents, how our babies were calm and happy in the room, even on days they hadn’t napped or were teething. What was this magical aspect of the classroom? I  knew it must have something to do with the color. What is…