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    Seventh Grade and the Seventh Grader

    Returning guest Anne Clair Goodman speaks with me in this episode all about seventh grade and the seventh grader. Similar to the other episodes in this season, we spend most of our discussion focused on how the curriculum of the seventh grade meets the twelve and thirteen year old where they're at. We also continued our discussion on media and screen time that we begun in our conversation about the sixth grade. Subscribe to the Waldorfy podcast Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcher     Special thanks to Waldorfy podcast supporter Palumba! Support Waldorfy on Patreon Patreon Follow Waldorfy on Socail Media TwitterFacebookInstagram

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    Fifth Grade and the Fifth Grader

    In this episode experienced Waldorf teacher Jen Kershaw and I explore fifth grade within a Waldorf school. We discuss the Waldorf fifth grade curriculum, how it uniquely meets the fifth grader where they're at, and much more! Subscribe to the Waldorf PodcastApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcher More about Jen Kershaw... Jen Kershaw has a B.A. in Acting/Theater Performance from the University of South Florida, a Masters of Science in Education from Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts and a Waldorf Teaching Certificate from Antioch University New England. In the theater world, she performed with Metro Theater Company from St. Louis, Missouri, performing and teaching workshops across the United States. Jen has been teaching…

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    Second Grade and the Second Grader

    In this episode I’m speaking with experienced Waldorf teacher Michael Gannon all about “Second Grade and the Second Grader”. Subscribe to the Waldorfy Podcast Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcher Michael has been working at the Spring Garden Waldorf School, near Akron, Ohio, for the past 17 years. Though he didn’t know anything about Waldorf education or anthroposophy when he first interviewed for his position, the deep consciousness about why things were done quickly drew him in. The thoughtful study of the development of the human being, and a living interest in helping students to grow toward freedom, has been a welcome source of challenge to Michael every day. Michael has been grateful…

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    First Grade and the First Grader

    How do you know a child is ready for first grade at a Waldorf school? What happens on the first day of first grade in a Waldorf school? What does a Waldorf student learn in first grade? These are all things we dive into in this episode featuring my guest, experienced Waldorf teacher, Lori Kran. Subscribe to the Waldorf PodcastApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcher Lori Kran, PhD, US History, Waldorf certification from WTDA, Ann Arbor, MI. Lori has been a class teacher at the Cincinnati Waldorf School since 1995, she has taken two cycles through the grades, and is currently teaching in her third cycle. Additionally, Lori teaches US History and Civics…

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    Season 5 Trailer Introducing “Waldorf Through the Grades”

    In this special trailer episode I'm introducing the theme for the fifth season of the show: "Waldorf Through the Grades". Throughout this season I'll be hosting seasoned Waldorf teachers to talk with me about each grade on it's own starting with grade one continuing through grade eight. We'll be discussing the different developmental stages of the child as they pass through each grade and dive deeper into the curriculum and how it works to meet the needs of the developing child. Also in this trailer I brought my husband, Tobin, back on the show. We talk about his Waldorf experience, and how it often was quite different than mine, as…

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    Inclusion and Belonging in Waldorf Education with Ashley May

    I could not be more excited to host the incredible Ashley May as my guest for the finale episode of season four. It has been a really eye opening season of episodes for many, each episode featured an individual with their own unique experience as a Black individual within a Waldorf community. In this episode however Ashley and I discuss the topic of this season, "Inclusion and Belonging", in a more broad way, utilizing her expertise as a WECAN member familiar with Waldorf, an educational researcher and ethnographer. We discuss what Ashley appreciates about the Waldorf approach, how it serves children, and also where it needs to improve to become…

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    Joanis’s Waldorf Experience

    Joanis is a 19 year old living in New York City and is currently a student at SUNY New Platz majoring in Black studies. In this episode Joanis and I get into what she enjoyed about her Waldorf experience and the kinds of challenges she experienced. Similar to the last episode, there are moments of my conversation with Joanis that may be hard to process for some. As I have mentioned in the pervious episode, you may feel uncomfortable or triggered by hearing some of these experiences. You may feel you need to justify or you may feel defensive. Feelings like this can be normal when we’re exposed to the…

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    Genevieve Dagobert ~ On Race, Waldorf Education, Anthroposophy, and Steiner

    Subscribe to the Waldorfy PodcastApple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotifyStitcher I say it in the episode, but I really can not express enough gratitude for my lovely guest Genevieve Dagobert. Genevieve is right here in New Hampshire, where I currently am, but we've only just connected this year. She is so brilliant, passionate, and courageous, I really just can't say enough about her. Geneviève is a life-long educator with over thirty years of teaching experience, both in Haiti and the US, ranging from early childhood through elementary grades, to educating adults in a college setting. In 1983, Genevieve opened an Early Childhood center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She migrated to the US in 1992…

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    Anthroposophy, Architecture, and Design

    Check Out Our Incredible Waldorfy Supporter! Palumba believes that imaginative, open-ended play with simple toys, crafted from beautiful, natural material offers children warmth and a sense of well-being when discovering their world. This lovely photo is of the Waldorf school I attended, the Pine Hill Campus at High Mowing School in Wilton New Hampshire. When I was young I often wondered why our school was in such a unique building.  As children my friends and I would joke about how it had "no right angles", which isn't actually true. However the unique angles in the building have certainly sparked me to wonder, "why?". I loved hosting the…